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Ile of Doctor Moreau of H.G. Wells, presents an original type of artificial creature: the humano-animal dream. In the novel, Doctor Moreau found a method to work out servants humanoïdes starting from pets or savages.

One finds the topic of the humanoïdes derived from animals, called under-beings and largely exploited by humanity, in many news of the series the Lords of Instrumentalité, of Cordwainer Smith, among which:
  • the Late Lady of the City of Gueux,
  • the Ballade of C'Mell,
  • Boulevard Alpha Ralpha.

The two novels of this series also make the good share with the under-beings:
  • the Man who Bought the Earth
  • the Under-People

Temptation to manufacture auxiliaries for humanity starting from human fragments (bodies, corpses, original cells) is a recurrent theme in many works of science fiction, and this as of the origins of the kind.

One can in particular quote:
  • creature assembled starting from pieces of corpses, and animated by the lightning, in the Frankenstein novel, of Mary Shelley;

  • repliquants, which are humanoïds with the image of the man, a higher force and an at least an equal intelligence, in the novel "do androïds dream of electric sheep", by Philip K. Dick and in the film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, which of it was drawn;

  • the dierh-deaths, illegal puppet humanoïds cloned from human beings, alive or died, in the short story "a Sea without Sun", drawn from the cycle Instrumentality of Mankind, by Cordwainer Smith;

  • the character of the ghola Duncan Idaho, clone cultivated from the cells of one of the heroes of the Dune series, written by Frank Herbert. The specimens of Duncan Idaho appear in the novels of this series, which confers on this character a quasi-immortality.

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