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A giant in the Renaissance

Psi capacities, supermen, natural or accidental changes, of many literary works, data base and films treated this topic.

Pantagruel de Rabelais (1532) could be regarded as one of the first heroes of the literature presenting the characters of a humanity having reached at a higher stage of its development. Resulting from a line of giants, going back to the creation of the world, this hero saw his training and his adventures in France of the Rebirth, period putting humanism at the honor.

Put separately the comic effects related to gigantism of the character and at his force herculéenne, other characters make a be separate of it: capacities of reasoning and training largely higher than those of its contemporaries, in particular. In the Third Delivers and the Quarter Delivers, which follow Pantagruel, the giant and his/her Panurge companion compete of address and easy way during the adventures which carry out them all over the world.

Romain Dabek
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